It is critical that people feel safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods.  Furthermore, it is more important than ever to maintain and strengthen the capabilities of our police, fire, public health, and emergency medical services.


       We cannot play politics with public safety, and we must ensure that our public safety officials are provided with the resources that they need to keep our city and our citizens safe. The city must aggressively pursue grants, public-private partnerships, and federal funds in order to improve resources available to substance misuse. Manchester has led the nation once before in strategies to combat the opioid crisis with programs like Safe Station. We have made strides in our understanding that addiction is a health issue and we must continue to move in that direction so our family members, friends, neighbors, and others affected by addiction can get the help they need. Celebrating and building upon essential programs like Safe Station and ACERT—implemented by our fire department and police department—is how we can make Manchester a healthier, happier place.


       I am a product of our city’s public schools, and attribute my success to the teachers that touch student lives. I want to make sure educators have the tools and support they need to promote the success of all Manchester students, no matter their zip code.


       It is imperative that we work with the school committee to continue developing new and innovative strategies in education. We need to look at the policies and practices that have proven successful in other cities, and adapt them to serve the needs of students in Manchester. Further implementing the successes of teaching STEM to our students will go a long way in preparing them for the future.

       In addition to attending Northwest Elementary, Parkside Middle School, West High School, and UNH Manchester, I spent a few years working at the Birch Hill Terrace retirement community, where I learned  a great deal from the people who offered a wealth of life experiences. One of those people was Mr. David Prescott. To this day, Mr. Prescott is someone that encourages and believes in the positive things that I seek to accomplish. I know how much progress has been made over the years, but also recognize how much more can be done to improve our city.We need to ensure that Manchester’s future is safe, economically prosperous, diverse, and community-oriented so that people that have grown up in Manchester, like Mr. Prescott, can happily retire here.

Infrastructure and Community Building

       Building close neighborhood bonds and community relationships will strengthen Manchester as a city. This begins with restoration and improvement of our parks, basketball courts, walkways, and roads so that people, young and old, can enjoy our amenities year round. This means adequate sidewalks and parking so that working people can get to work and school safely.  Improving spaces, such as Rock Rimmon Park, will mean that children have a place to play after school and refurbished downtown will allow our small businesses to thrive.

       In addition to improving our public spaces, bringing more festivals and family-oriented events to parks across the city can revitalize the community and bring our city together to become even more vibrant and strong. In a city as diverse as Manchester, reaching out to people of different cultural backgrounds will set us on a course to value our differences, while also celebrating what we have in common.   

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